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The expertise of the Maison

The art of the handmade creation

The art of the handmade creation

In order to make his imagined creations a reality each and every day, Pierre Marcolini has brought together around 80 artisans with a unique knowledge of their craft in his 3000 m2 Brussels workshop.

The expertise of the Maison

It is hard to imagine the sheer number of deftly performed motions and steps carried out by hand in order to produce the Maison’s numerous chocolate creations: it is not unlike a precisely choreographed ballet.

Lemons zested on site

Take, for example, the three tonnes of lemons that go into the Maison’s products every year: each one is zested on site, by hand.

The same goes for the 15 tonnes of almonds that are shelled in its workshops each year.

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