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Modern cultivation of products with local character

The quest for the cocoa bean

The quest for the cocoa bean

Pierre Marcolini is one of the few chocolatiers to master the entire production process for his products from sourcing to final assembly, including but not limited to sorting the beans, maturation, preparing ganaches and tempering.

In this holistic endeavour, he roasts his beans himself. This is a vital stage in the process, the intensity and duration of which must be precisely calculated. Roasting determines the flavour of the chocolate itself, allowing Pierre Marcolini to produce unique-tasting creations.

Modern cultivation of products with local character

In order to unearth the finest cocoa beans, be they Criollo, Trinitario, Nacional or Forastero, he scours the planet himself to source them directly from growers in a range of countries. Whether it’s Mexico, Venezuela, Cuba, Peru or Vietnam, his cocoa beans currently originate from more than 12 different locations.

With a view to building long-lasting networks and allowing producers to earn a decent living, he always offers farmers more than the current trading price.

In Ecuador, Pierre Marcolini has even signed a long-term partnership agreement with the producer Pedro Martinetti, who sets aside 20 hectares of his total production area especially for the Belgian chocolatier.

Rare and precious ingredients

Rare and precious ingredients

At Pierre Marcolini, it’s not just the cocoa beans that demand the greatest of attention.

The same precision and quality requirements apply to all raw materials, be that the sublime vanilla pods from Madagascar, the finest hazelnuts selected in Piedmont in Italy, the pistachios brought in straight from Iran, the pink peppercorns from Morocco or the lemons that hail from the sunny climes of Sicily.

Our head chef has also discovered, in the heart of Slovenia, a minor variety of almond with a robust and surprising flavour.

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