Pierre Marcolini

The emotion behind the chocolate

The emotion behind the chocolate

Pierre Marcolini, founder of the “Maison” of the same name, has been cultivating his expert craftsmanship and knowledge of the process from bean to bar for over two decades.

Every year, he travels the world in search of the rarest cocoa beans for use in his Grands Crus chocolates.

For this iconoclastic and passionate chef, working with chocolate is synonymous with pleasure, sharing, discovery and creativity.
Not to mention a dream he has nurtured since childhood: to finally exonerate this delicacy from its undeserved reputation as a “cardinal sin”.

So what is the motivation behind his culinary quest? To serve up a rare and unexpected taste of emotion.

Pierre Marcolini: Portrait


Behind the insatiable globe-trotter and audacious creator still lies the little brown-eyed boy born in 1964 in Charleroi to a family of Italian origin.

As a child, he developed an early passion for sweet treats, ready in an instant to trade his toys with his brother in return for an extra portion of dessert.

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