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A signature in chocolate form

Grands Crus

Grands Crus

“There are as many differences between cocoa beans as there are between the grape varieties used to make wine. These are nuances that you can only discern by going to Ecuador, Cuba or Peru in person.”

In his belief that, like wine, cocoa deserves to bear the mark of its noble origins, Pierre Marcolini is the first chocolatier to have used denominations of origin for chocolate. After having gathered the best beans in the world and brought them back to his workshop, he then subtly blends cocoa from different origins in order to create surprising, original and consistently enticing flavours.

Unique taste sensations

Unique taste sensations

Every chocolate created by Pierre Marcolini has its own unique personality.

Each one must offer fresh, innovative flavours yet retain its “lightness” in order to lure in connoisseurs before wowing them with a totally original taste sensation.

But that’s not all: they must always transmit some form of emotion.

The Classics

Of the 150 products sold in store (ganaches, pralines, tablets, truffles, marshmallows, cakes, jams, ice lollies, other chocolate bars and more), many have shaped the world of chocolaterie to the point of becoming timeless classics.

The Classics

The Hearts

Created in 2000, the Raspberry Heart is the ultimate emblematic product of the Maison Marcolini. The symbol of love par excellence, this curvaceous morsel conceals inside it a dark chocolate ganache flavoured with raspberry pulp and a refreshing hint of lemon zest.

Since its creation, the Raspberry Heart has been joined by further variations with different combinations of flavours and textures: the lemon Frisson, the passion fruit Passion, the pistachio praline Plaisir, the nougat praline Tendresse and the salted caramel Douceur.

The “Carré2 Chocolat” chocolate tablets

Dive in and take a bite out of one of these squares of chocolate – the Maison’s very own “”tablets”” developed by Pierre Marcolini take the shape of a perfect square, which can easily be broken up into bite-size pieces.

The Fleur de Cacao, Chuao, Madagascar, Cuba, Peru and Ecuador Carré2 Chocolat chocolate tablets take you on a grand tour of the countries from which the different cocoa flavours herald.

Saveurs du monde

With this collection of dark chocolate squares made using cocoa beans of different origins, Pierre Marcolini has created the most delicious tasting selection: each square boasts a unique taste profile, depending on the bean used and its origin.

So why not embark on a wonderful voyage of discovery with stop-offs in Brazil, Ecuador, Peru, Java and Cuba?

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